Passed Exam 346: Managing Office 365 Identities and Requirements

My way of preparation.

  1. Schedule exam – Give yourself 4 to 6 weeks from now but schedule TODAY!
  2. Collect your resources.
    a) I used a Pluralsight course by Jeff Adkin and Brian Alderman.
    Pluralsight 346 course
    b) Build a test lab at home.
    c) Use Practice test from MindHub
    d) Use Exam Reference book from Microsoft
  3. Plan those 4-6 weeks wisely. See my schedule below:
    First Weekend – collect resources and build a lab.
    First – Third Week – listen to Pluralsight Videos on 1.5 speed all the time!
    Every Weekend (day off) – listen on normal speed and do all relevant labs.
    Fourth Week – Read Exam Ref book. Skimm chapters what you are comfortable with. Focus on those paragraphs you are unsure with, or you don’t grasp technology yet.
    Fifth Weekend or last week – Practice with tests from MindHub and review or missing knowledge highlighted by those practise tests.